dylan richards


After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world. ― Philip Pullman

Ever since I was little, I was amazed at the power of stories. The way they could move an entire room of people, each one gaining something slightly different from the telling… and I wanted to be a storyteller.

The fact is, stories are the building block of human society; the stories we share shape us and our communities. Yet, so often we find the beautiful complexity of our lives reduced to bits of information, removed from the stories that made them so valuable in the first place. That’s why I wanted to be a storyteller and to share my stories with others.

I’ve had the privilege of being a storyteller as a keynote speaker, a conference presenter, a retreat facilitator, and one-on-one as a personal coach and counsellor. I share my journey as an Aboriginal/Two-Spirit man, my passion for the Traditions of my people, my deep desire to see people grow and thrive in their sexuality and sensuality, in their relationships (no matter how those look), and in their gender identity.

If you are interested in these or any other topics, or would like me to speak on another topic that more closely meets the needs of you, your group, event or gathering, please contact me for more information.