dylan richards

Community Builder

I know there is strength in the differences between us. I know there is comfort, where we overlap. ― Ani DiFranco

I’ve always been fascinated with how human beings need community so fundamentally that we form it wherever we go. How unhealthy communities can completely undermine the good intent of any project, and how healthy communities can bring even the most risky and unlikely goal into full bloom. I truly believe that caring, nurturing, healthy communities can accomplish the impossible.

My history as a minister, church planter, ceremony participant, and founder of numerous not-for-profit societies has given me the chance to be a part of many different communities: those just starting out and those that have been around for 100 years; those with 5000 members and those with five; spiritual communities founded around support and service, social communities gathering around sexual identity and expression – communities of all shapes and sizes.

Building community is like writing music. It begins with the people – the skills and values that these foundational notes of community bring to the table. Those notes then need to be woven into a melody, the mission and purpose of why your community exists, each part in harmony and buidling with the strengths of each other. Then comes the dream, the vision – what song your community dreams of singing to the world.

I am available for consultation, coaching, workshops, and support to make your community the caring, nurturing, healthy organism you want and know it can be. Whether you are a long-standing community looking to move forward in a good way with a fresh start, or a brand-new gathering wanting to encode healthy practices and ideals into the very DNA of your group, contact me to see how we can work together to make that a reality.