dylan richards

About Me

Storyteller, community builder, educator… I wear a lot of hats. ¬†Especially for someone who seldom if ever wears one.

I grew up in a small town in northern Alberta, one of those little communities where everyone knows you and you can’t date for fear of someone being your cousin. I was a pretty normal kid (except instead of wanting to grow up to be a firefighter or a doctor, I wanted to be a druid, but that’s another story).

After high-school I went to college to be a pastor (you know, change things from the inside, start a revolution!), a career that took me from the rustic country side to the gritty inner city. But eventually, two big events changed my life: I came out as LGBTQ affirming, and (after my maternal grandfather passed away) discovered that I was not “dark French”, but Anishinaabe (Potawatomi). This lead me on a journey of discovery: discovering others and myself in love and acceptance.

Since then, my world has revolved around the sex-positive community and the Aboriginal communities. Sometimes I might be teaching a workshop about the history of Two-Spirit peoples on Turtle Island (the traditional name North America) in the morning, and facilitating a small group discussion about sexual identity in the evening. Regardless of what I am doing, I am so incredibly fortunate to have a family that supports and loves me.

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